Cook and Conte
with the New Orleans
Creole Trio

By Julie Sardie

Cook and Conte with the New Orleans Trio


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 My vision for this cookbook was born out of the need to "Keep the Drive Alive".  The drive being the culture and traditions of the New Orleans Creoles.  This book transcends 4 generations.  The word CONTE in the title of this book, is a creole word for gossip and tell tales.  The recipes are from 4 generations of women in my family.

In this book you will learn about holidays that we eat certain food.  The creoles never stray from certain things that are eaten on holy days.  My family members and most creoles are devout catholics.  My mother, Jacqueline Sardie, is the the Matriarch of the family and still cooks every day and entertains anyone who crosses the door sill of her home.

Julie Sardie is the Author and former owner of Cafe Chardonnay Restaurant and Jazzy Affairs Catering. She has been cooking her traditional Creole fare since she was 15 years old.  Over the years and as owner of a restaurant she has embellished some of the Creole dishes and some are included in this book.  As well as owning a Restaurant, she has owned gourmet hot dog kiosk at the Louis Armstrong Airport.  She created a concept named Air Dogs, which featured gourmet hot dogs and sausages named after famous airplanes.

Another reason I wrote this book was to IMMORTALIZE my mother, a phenomenal woman.  She is going to be 80 on October 8, 2016 and she cooks everyday and has company all the time.  Her friends drop by on a regular basis and there is always food to feed them and they  always conte.   This is a current picture of my mama.  Everybody loves my mama because she has the gift of gab and she is good as gold and will feed anyone who enters her home.  If you say you don't like what she has, she tells you that's because you haven't had hers.

Danielle Bloom is the member of the Creole Trio who will keep our drive alive. She is a very good cook who has learned all the traditional Creole cooking.  Danielle went to Ursuline Academy and Xavier University and has a full time job with the State of Louisiana.  She is the life of the party and as New Orleans and It gets.  

The book includes the traditional creole recipes and some that I have been embellished or created as a result of Julie being an owner of a Restaurant and a Gourmet Cook.

There are many creole sayings and gossip going on in the book also.  My mama can always say something that my Grandma said in a particular situation that are usually funny and very original.  

The Creole Trio hopes that you enjoy our culture and traditions and we appreciate you helping keep them alive!  

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